What is a Tred

Tred is a feature that enables members develope ther own communities on trednix.

Treds works just like groups, you can create a tred and invite your friends to join your tred, share photos, videos and engage your audience.

Basic overview of treds

  • Organized community: Create a tred and start your own personalized community and stay engaged with friends and share interests.
  • Support desk: Treds can be used to offer customer support, create a tred to render support for the products and services you offer, provide latest information about your services and reach out to your target audience.

Who can create a tred?

Following our community standard everyone on trednix have equal rights without no limitation. Anyone with a trednix account can create a tred. Creating a tred will help you boost your account presence while building a great community.

Tred Privacy

If you own a tred you can decide the type of privacy you want, either a Private Tred or a Public Tred.

Public Tred

Public treds are accessible by anyone on trednix, non-members can lookup information about a tred including posts, videos, and more.

Private Tred

Private treds are only accessible by members, non-members won’t be able to lookup to tred information, posts etc.

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